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Cloud Based Hosted Systems

You expect that those you partner with be more than experts.
You demand that they be highly accountable and responsive experts. This especially holds true when outsourcing your business’ mission- critical applications. You simply cannot afford for them to under-perform or to be down for any amount of time. That is why you need to partner with IT Nework Solutions

IT Network Solutions Hosted Application Solutions offer an alternative to building, maintaining and supporting your own client/server network environment. With a highspeed Internet access, you have the ability to work with your applications from anywhere. By selecting us as your partner, you enjoy the convenience of a single point of accountability to ensure that your applications are always available. With IT Network Solutions you have acquired the skills and capabilities that will deliver your applications each and every time, enabling you to focus on your core competencies to stay ahead of your competition and satisfy your customers.

Our Cloud Based Hosted Systems Benefits:

  • No Investment in Hardware
  • No Investment in Operating System Software
  • No Investment in Client Access Licenses
  • No Investment in Data Backup Solutions
  • No investment in IT Support
  • Never Pay for Systems Maintenance and Support on Backoffice Systems
  • Reliable Access to your Data and Applications on a 24×7 Basis
  • Redundant Highspeed Links
  • Redundant Failover Network Components
  • Resilient Computing Infrastructure
  • State of the Art High Performance Servers
  • Off Site Backup of the entire Data Center on a Daily Basis
  • 24×7 Real Time Monitoring of the Servers and Network Components
  • 24×7 Communications Circuits Monitoring
  • 24×7 Performance Monitoring
  • 24×7 Drive Space Monitoring
  • Proactive systems Maintenance
  • Security Administration

Our Hosted Application Solutions benefit organizations by eliminating servers, servers maintenance, application deployment and updates to every workstation at the customer site. Hence, reducing downtime and improving the security and availability of your applications and data. Our goal is to dramatically reduce your total cost of technology ownership and maintenance.

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