Cloud Based Backups

Hard drives aren’t forever.  That’s why backing up your corporate data is critical.  To ensure your intellectual property is safe, no better way exists than to utilize our offsite cloud services.  With our state-of-the-art encryption, your data is always secure while in transit as well as when stored in our data center.  Cloud based backup is an integral part of the business continuity strategy to safeguard against a catastrophic failures.  There’s an easy way to secure your irreplaceable data with our cloud based backup services.

11 reasons to choose IT Network Solutions as your backup service provider:

  • Unlimited data storage capacities
  • Full backups restored to USB drive within 24 hours
  • Fast data transfer for large database backups
  • Bare metal backups and restore of servers
  • Unbeatable data backup rate plans
  • Backup and restore Exchange servers
  • Ability to restore Exchange mailbox items.
  • Backup and restore SQL servers
  • Backup and restore File servers
  • Option to perform initial backups using USB drives
  • Cloud based backup service is safe and reliable

Data security is no accident, it must be planned!!!

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