Cloud Based Security

Cloud Hosted Antivirus Security

Traditional Antivirus solutions installed on corporate servers require ongoing upgrades to the software to benefit from the latest features. With our cloud based antivirus solution, the client workstations are automatically upgraded to the latest version by our cloud based servers. Our cloud hosted antivirus solution is more cost effective and centrally web managed, offering a single pane of glass for monitoring threats. In addition, our managed antivirus solution is extremely effective and lightweight on the client workstations.  The goal of IT Network Solutions is to provide you the best antivirus security for your computers while dramatically reducing your total cost of ownership.

Why customers choose our cloud based antivirus solution:

  • More cost effective than the premise based solution
  • Centrally managed
  • Simple client deployment
  • Reduces network traffic
  • Eliminates workstation antivirus load on the server

Cloud Hosted Email Security

As with our other cloud services, IT Network Solutions provides hosted anti-spam and email security for your email servers.  Cloud hosted email security filter email at the cloud level, hence, eliminating the spam from even reaching your email server.  This proactive filtering strategy relives your email server of unnecessary loading by spam and infected emails.  In this day and age, email protection is no longer an option, it has become a necessity.  IT Network Solutions offers a service level that is unbeatable in reliability, simplicity and efficiency.  With our powerful anti-spam technology, we stop the spam before it reaches your network.

Our cloud based anti-spam solution has its own set of benefits:

  • No equipment cost to house premise based email security
  • Pay only for the mailboxes being protected
  • Flexibility to protect thousands of mailboxes
  • More available bandwidth
  • Low email server processing load
  • Low email server storage consumption
  • No additional support cost to manage email filter
  • Email continuity in the event of your server outage

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